English Time TPS/PS (New Students)

Mis à jour : févr. 2

Hello, Hello by Super Simple Songs https://youtu.be/fN1Cyr0ZK9M

What's Your Name? by Super Simple Songs https://youtu.be/zMdq9jSaNLg

If You're Happy by Super Simple Songs https://youtu.be/l4WNrvVjiTw

Little Snowflake by Super Simple Song https://youtu.be/tbbKjDjMDok

One Little Finger Super Simple Songs https://youtu.be/eBVqcTEC3zQ

I Can Count

I can count, want to see?

Here's my fingers- one, two, three (Hold up fingers as you count)

Four and five, this hand is done.

Now I'll count the other one.

Six, seven, eight and nine (Hold up fingers on other hand)

Now I'll count them all again.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!