English Time PS/MS

Mis à jour : 27 nov. 2019

PS and MS Videos and Games*

Good Morning by Singing Walrus https://youtu.be/CuI_p7a9VGs

What's Your Name? by Super Simple Songs https://youtu.be/zMdq9jSaNLg

How Are You? by English Through Music https://youtu.be/fMR8Hr9Xby4

Counting From 1-10 by Singing Walrus https://youtu.be/DR-cfDsHCGA

The Butterfly Colors Song by Kids TV 124 https://youtu.be/RPAZHVNVJp0

Kids Vocabulary-School Supplies https://youtu.be/AS5nhKzaOqo

Can You Make a Scary Face? by Super Simple Songs https://youtu.be/x8b4f5fhYuw

Walking Walking by Super Simple Songs https://youtu.be/fPMjnlTEZwU

Rainbow Colors Song by Kids TV 123 https://youtu.be/tRNy2i75tCc

Little Snowflake by Super Simple Song https://youtu.be/tbbKjDjMDok

One Little Finger Super Simple Songs https://youtu.be/eBVqcTEC3zQ

Santa Where are you? Super Simple Songs https://youtu.be/CXaOaz3a8Cg

The Gingerbread Man Pink Fong https://youtu.be/YZfdcym8xis

Colors online game 1 http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/preschool/ngames/colors.htm

Colors online game 2 http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/preschool/colors/colorgame.htm

Colors online game 3 https://www.education.com/game/color-simon/

*Helpful hint. Download the videos from YouTube and play via VLC player. Change playback speed to slow. (Télécharger les vidéos YouTube et utiliser VLC player. Changer la vitesse de lecture à "ralentir un peu.")